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Barcode, RFID, and Voice-Directed Solutions in Ohio

As a leading provider of barcode, voice, and RFID solutions, Miles Technologies empowers companies to achieve efficiencies in inventory management and asset tracking.

Miles Technologies has been a leading provider of technology solutions for over 24 years. We have helped customers in Ohio solve business problems and achieve efficiency goals. Miles specializes in providing solutions for barcode printers and barcode printing supplies such as labels and ribbons, along with RFID and Voice solutions to speed up the inventory process and increase accuracy.

We understand that different industries require customized solutions and that every business faces unique challenges. Therefore, we are proud to offer solutions that are easy to use and are committed to complete customer projects on time and on budget. Miles Technologies offers bar code and inventory solutions to the greater Ohio area, including Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo and Akron.

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Miles can provide you with solutions for:

Field Mobility
Inventory Control
Voice Directed Work
Custom Development

Asset Tracking Barcode