Field Mobility in Ohio

Direct Store Delivery and Route Accounting

MiT Systems modern suite of software applications focuses on all aspects of the DSD industry and order fulfillment process. This includes field mobility, route accounting, financials, dispatching, fleet loading, and inventory management. The field mobility application, MiTEzSales Mobile® was developed in Microsoft .NET 2.0, utilizing SQL Server 2005, and operates on Windows Mobile 5.0+. This software application enables users to take and fill on-site orders, track inventory, A/R collection, signature capture, and print or create a digital invoice.

The MiTEzSales Mobile® Sales Force Automation solution combines CRM and Merchandising functionality on handheld devices with wireless capabilities. By replacing route books and legacy systems with MiTEzSales Mobile®, distributors are able to eliminate order entry errors while increasing the ability of sales people to build customer relationships by spending more face-to-face time with their customers. MiTEzSales Mobile® provides the capability for sales people to send customer orders directly to their distribution center for fulfillment as they are being taken in the field and focus more on selling.

By transforming first generation route operations to today's enterprise solution with real-time information and data capture you can streamline route processes from the back-office to customer delivery allowing you to:

  • Reduce order entry errors
  • Meet supplier data requirements and eliminate paper trails
  • Improve driver productivity with real-time communications and alerts
  • Reduce inventory management costs both inside and outside the warehouse
  • Add more profit to your bottom line
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with improved delivery and customer information
  • Reduce operating costs by reducing invoicing cycles
  • Deploy quickly and easily, with limited training requirements with an intuitive system developed upon a simplified windows platform