RFID Solutions for Ohio

RFID Solutions

RFID systems can offer a business many benefits ranging from better tracking of work in process to speeding up throughput in a warehouse. The use of RFID technology can benefit a business through reduced administrative errors, labor costs associated with scanning bar codes, internal theft, errors in shipping goods, and more efficient inventory levels.

RFID has proven itself to be a useful technology that enables an organization to have visibility into their operations. The ability to track people, assets, or products without the need for human intervention or direct line of site is the main driver for the use of RFID technology. Whether you are trying to handle compliance issues or track assets, Miles Technologies has the expertise to help your company successfully deploy RFID solutions.

The use of RFID technology enables companies to:

  • Increase visibility within the supply chain
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Reduce human intervention
  • Decrease working capital
  • Reduce stock outages
  • Lower operating costs
  • Real time information processing
  • No line of sight required

Compliance Partner
- Comprehensive RFID software solution designed to meet all DoD and Retail mandates.

- Simple and affordable software solution that allows companies to meet compliance labeling mandates.