Barcode Printers

What is a barcode printer?

A barcode printer (or bar code printer) is a specialized printer designed to print barcode labels or tags that can be attached to items. The integration of barcode technology into your business can dramatically increase efficiency through the automation of procedures and reduced human error. Barcode printers are most commonly used in asset tracking or inventory control applications.

There are two basic types of barcode printing technologies: direct thermal and thermal transfer. Direct thermal printers use a heated printhead to cause a chemical reaction in treated barcode paper. The areas heated will turn the paper black from this reaction. In contrast, thermal transfer printers use heat to melt a waxy or resin substance on a ribbon, which in turn transfers the ink from the ribbon to the barcode paper itself.

Industrial barcode printers are used primarily in large warehouses or manufacturing facilities that require barcode printers with large label stock capacities, faster operation, and greater durability to harsh environments. Smaller, desktop barcode printers are used in office or retail environments. For work environments requiring mobility, wireless barcode printers are available.

Barcode printers are used in industries such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, distribution, and many others. The selection of consumable printer supplies is important to the overall performance of a barcode printer. Consumable printer supplies include: ribbons, print heads, labels, and tags.

RFID Technology Impacts the Barcode Industry

Recently Wal-mart, Department of Defense and the FDA have mandated a new technology, RFID Technology to be used by all of their suppliers. Wal-mart sees this technology saving them billions of dollars in reduced labor costs and product loss or missed shipments. New products have emerged including RFID printers, RFID tags, EPC labels, and RFID Readers. For more information, on whether RFID is the best alternative for your wireless inventory control needs, please visit our RFID Information page.

One of Miles Technologies' core competencies is helping customers select the right barcode printing applications, RFID printers and labels, and make them work with your inventory control software!

Zebra 105SL

Zebra 105SL Barcode PrinterThe 105SL combines enhanced memory, processing capacity, and features with rugged and reliable all-metal construction. (Read More...)

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Zebra 110XiIIIPlus

Zebra 110XiIIIPlus Barcode PrinterThe entry-level printer in the High Performance line, Zebra's 110XiIIIPlus is a true 4 inch (102 mm) performance printer. This hardworking printer is the one to call on for heavy-duty, industrial operations. (Read More...)

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Zebra 140XiIIIPlus

Zebra 140XiIIIPlus Barcode PrinterZebra's 140XiIIIPlus is known for its high-performance, mission-critical ruggedness. This hardworking printer is the one to call on for heavy-duty, industrial operations. (Read More...)

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Zebra Z4Mplus

Zebra Z4Mplus Barcode PrinterThis dependable performer offers many standard features, including ZebraNet™ Bridge for the efficiency of centralized printer management. (Read More...)

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Zebra ZM400

Zebra ZM400 Barcode PrinterThe ZM400 includes additional productivity-enhancing features and modern, flexible network connectivity for easy system integration in most manufacturing, warehousing and business applications. (Read More...)

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